In a world as frenetic as the one we find ourselves in, today's woman needs to feel good, beautiful and special at all times.

  • Origin

    The MÓNICA LENDINEZ brand was born in 2011 as a result of my passion for fashion and design. I sewed my first clothes when I was 14 with the help of my sister. We lived in Mataró, a reference town in the textile industry. Later I worked as a salesperson and later I was a representative for several renowned fashion brands.

    This background allowed me to get to know the market very closely, until I matured the idea of ​​creating my own brand: a differentiating and quality product, for a modern and demanding woman in her daily life.

  • Orígenes Mónica Lendinez
  • Inspiration

    An inspiration from the environment and my travels, a permanent search for the highest quality, both in fabrics and finishes, with the aim of dressing a determined and confident woman, a woman of today.

    We create timeless designs that never go out of style, with fluid fabrics and bold, high-quality colors. They are garments that I wear myself, designed for empowered, strong, independent women who value an exclusive, local and quality product.

  • Inspiración Mónica Lendinez
  • Ultra Feminidad


    At MÓNICA LENDINEZ we love to enhance your inner and outer beauty. We want you to feel empowered in your day-to-day routine and dazzle in your leisure hours. Each of our garments stands out for its comfort, versatility, style and naturalness. Our goal is to elevate your super self, with ultra feminine garments, in total harmony with the curves of your body.

  • Diseño atemporal


    We opted for the alternative of designing timeless garments, with fine and elegant lines. Our collections focus on seasonal trends, avoiding passing catwalk fads. We focus on what our clients really need; garments with style, comfort and functionality.

  • Slow fashion Barcelona


    We prefer quality over quantity, and we promote a fair and respectful work environment in which we value the people involved.

    As part of this process, we produce with limited collections and optimize production so that the textile waste generated through our activity is minimized.

  • Support locals


    We travel and collect inspiration to shape each collection in our workshops in Mataró, in a completely local and artisanal way.

    We avoid large manufacturing processes and opt for a team of women, united by a relationship of closeness, enthusiasm and common vocation.

    That love for what we do and for the team we make up is reflected in each garment, made with care and attention to detail, thinking about YOU, so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Woman empowerment


    Our motto is to inspire and motivate women to dress safely, elevating their personality and style.

    Our team is made up mostly of women, of all ages and races, united by the same common vocation.

    We promote joy, closeness and trust at work, with rigorous control of the detail and finish of each garment.