Do you have an important #EVENT and would like to wear a sophisticated garment in a seasonal #TRENDY color?

We launched #REUSE: rent our most special looks, and dress splendidly, setting the trend, infinitely and without affecting your pocket.

  • Alquila tu look perfecto | Monica Lendinez

    Choose your RE-USE and time

    You have two options and their availability on the calendar

  • Alquila tu look perfecto | Monica Lendinez

    Receive your RE-USE BOX and enjoy

    In just a couple of days we will send you your choice. It will arrive ready to put on.

  • Alquila tu look perfecto | Monica Lendinez

    Return your RE-USE

    When the time you selected is up, return the REUSE

  • Alquila tu look perfecto | Monica Lendinez

    Repeat or buy your RE-USE

    If you fall in love with your RE-USE you can extend the time or get it indefinitely

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You have doubts?

If you need help, you can contact our stylist directly through our online chat, via email, phone or WhatsApp 689077834.

Can I buy RE-USE dresses and accessories?

Of course! If you caused a sensation and want to wear the garment again and again, you can buy it in our online SHOP. We ensure the good condition of the garment.

Can I save my favorite dresses?

When you browse our page and see a dress or accessory that you love, click on the heart that appears next to the photo. This way, you will save your favorites and when you have an event it will be easier for you to choose from those you have already selected.

How far in advance can I reserve my order?

The earlier you make your reservation, the more availability you will find; You can make the reservation up to 6 months in advance.

How long can I rent it?

The rental period is 4 days by default, counting from the day you receive your order. Generally, the events are usually on a Friday or Saturday, we almost always deliver the order on a Thursday, with the return being on Monday. There is also the possibility of renting it for 8 days, you just have to select the option that best suits you. Even so, if you need a longer rental period, you can contact us to arrange it.

Can I rent it for longer?

Yes, as long as your products are available for the dates you want. Call us and we will check availability. There is an extra cost for each day, it is 35% of the rental price. To increase the duration of the rental it is necessary to have our written approval.

When does my order arrive?

You choose the day yourself. You can select the time slot you prefer in the rental process on the website.

Do you ship outside the peninsula?

Yes, we ship to the Balearic Islands as well (there is an additional cost).

Can I cancel an order?

Yes, you can cancel or change part of your order. For changes and cancellations of orders made online with home delivery, you will have 14 days before the delivery date to cancel them free of charge. Changes and cancellations of rental orders that are outside the stipulated period will be made against a Gift Card to consume within 1 year, and will not be refunded in any case.
The same thing would happen if we sent you a dress and then you decided not to wear it. If you do not remove the tag (so we can verify that you have not used it) we will send you a gift card for the same rental amount so that you can rent what you want on future occasions.
You can cancel your order by sending us an email to

When do I have to return my order?

On the fourth business day after receiving it, before 6:00 p.m. If the fourth day is Saturday or Sunday, you can return it to us the following Monday (or next business day). Inside your order you will find a card with all the details.

How do I return my order?

We want you to only worry about showing off your outfit, that's why we take care of picking up your package at the address you have indicated. Pack the garments in the box where you received your order and deliver it to the courier on the agreed day. Remember that it is very important not to delay the return date, as it could affect other users who are waiting for that same dress. If there is a delay within this period, you must pay a penalty of 50% of the rental price for each day of delay. If you need to change any details of your return, you must contact us by writing to, indicating your order number.


Does the dress not fit me or do I not like it?

We have two options:
- We will send you another one if there is time, assuming the cost of urgent transportation. Our opening hours are Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
- If you decide not to use the garment, do not remove the tag and return it; We will give you a voucher redeemable on your next purchase or rental (with a 1-year expiration date)
*In no case will the amount of unused products be refunded.

Do I need to fix the dress?

As this is a rental service, dresses cannot be modified if this means permanently altering the pattern of the garment.

One of the most common arrangements is the hem of the garment. You can ask us how to do it provisionally so that it later returns to its original size without spoiling. We can also do it ourselves before sending it to you if you tell us your measurements. It will have an additional cost of €6.

What happens if I am late in returning my order?

You will be charged 35% of the rental amount for each day of delay.

Should I iron it?

We send you the dress clean, ironed and wrapped so that it wrinkles as little as possible during transport.

Do I have to take the dress to the dry cleaners before returning it?

No, you just have to enjoy the party and we'll take care of the rest. After each rental our dresses go through a specialized dry cleaner.

What happens if the dress gets stained or damaged?

The rental price already includes insurance for small damages that the dress may suffer. This insurance covers accidents such as stains, snags, unstitching or buttons. It does not cover cases of theft or loss of the garment, tears, burns or permanent stains.

If any of these cases happen:

  • In the event that the garment suffers an irreparable accident, (preventing us from renting it again) we will assess the damage caused and you will have to pay between 50% and 100% of the sale price of the dress (not the rental).
  • If the hem of long garments is damaged, counting up to 12cm from the lowest part of the garment, you will have to pay a penalty of €25. If the damage is higher than 12cm counting from the lowest part of the garment, the client must pay the rental price again.

What if I lose it or it is stolen?

In the case of theft or loss of a dress, the client will pay up to double the sale price of the garment.

This would affect us but also the rest of the clients who had already reserved that garment for a special occasion.

Do I want to try on the dress first?

If you live near our workshop in Barcelona and want to see and try on the dress before renting it, we will be happy to show it to you.

If you are further away, we can send it to you to try on before your event (when available). You will have 24 hours to try it on and you will have to cover the shipping costs.